Frequently Asked Questions


How long do paintings take to complete a painting?


From 3 days….              
A4 painting (my smallest size) is suitable for one head only due to the size.  This takes me at least 3 days to  complete painting with another day for varnishing and mounting.
A3 size can take 5 days for one head with shoulders and longer for more detail. The choice of background also makes a difference to the time it takes to paint for you.
A2 and Larger sizes are available and the amount of detail  required will take more hours to paint and therefore, add to the final price. 


Will the final painting look like my pet? 

 Yes! I take pride in what I do and continue to work closely with my customer to paint a fully accurate likeness of your pet. 


What is acrylic paint?                                               
 Acrylic paint is water based because of the way it is made (process summary: minute particles of  plastic (acrylic) resin are suspended in water. The water evaporates to leave a strong durable paint which dries quickly).                             


Will my painting be delivered on time?

I work with a 4 week lead time.  A4 and A3 Paintings are delivered by Royal Mail using special delivery which guarantees next day delivery before 1pm. Larger paintings are delivered by currier. Local customers will not have delivery to pay as I do try to hand deliver where possible.


What types of backgrounds are available?  There are 3 choices,

2.1.  Standard stretched high quality art paper with a painted tonal effect in your chosen colours examples:  grey, cream, beige etc.

2.2  Parchment effect using stretched old text or Newsprint which is then treated and painted.

 2.3  A full landscape or memorable object/place. This takes much longer to complete. Please refer to my price page.


What I need from you? 

I paint using a couple of very clear digital photos, taken in good light. The photos must remain clear when zoomed in close enough to clearly see the eye colouring and capture the character and personality of your pet.

Pet memorials. When painting deceased pets, it is not always possible to send me digital photos. In this situation I will look at the photos you have and try to digitally enhance them using my computer. Here I can lighten or darken them and bring your photos into clearer focus which will help me to paint successfully for you.


How is it different from oil paint?  


Acrylic is made from plastic and plastic is made from oil. Therefore, the main difference is drying time.  It can take weeks for an oil painting to completely dry. Acrylic dries very quickly and is therefore a modern alternative to traditional oil paint. Acrylic paint still has longevity and can be applied like oil paint or watered down to use like watercolour paint. It is therefore very versatile. Acrylic has no odour.