Portrait Sizes & Prices

Pet portraits (excluding horses) are available in three standard sizes (A4, A3 & A2) the prices do vary depending on the level of detail required in the background and the number of pets included. This is covered in some detail below but if you have any questions please contact me.


All standard size paintings are unique. preparation, hand painting and finishing can take anything from 3 days  up to one month to complete depending on the size.

I regularly get asked to paint larger portraits which are much bigger than the standard sizes described above.  I am more than happy to give you a price for a bespoke portrait just contract me and given me details of your requirements. 


Please note Frames, Postage and Packing are not included in the price. 


25% deposit is required when placing an order.

Spread the cost: Payment instalments are also available.


  Accepted methods of payment    BACS,  PayPal, cash or by cheque through the post.

NB: If you require horse portraits please contact me for individual price base on your requirements. mobile: 07944 184 621


A4  8.3"X 11.7 " 

Painting Size

Size + mount 12" X 16 "

Portrait with Plain or Parchment background.


Plus Postage & Packing.

More details


A2  16.5" X 23.4 "

Painting Size

Size + mount 20" X 28 "

Portrait plus background options:

£140 Plain/Parchment

£200 Landscape

plus Postage & Packing.

More details


A3   11.7" X 16.5" 

 Painting Size

Size + mount 16" X 20 "

Portrait background options:

£95 Plain/Parchment

£120 Background Scenery 

plus Postage & Packing.

More details


Multiple Pet Portrait A3 Or A2 

or requested size

If you wish to include more than one pet in your portrait there will be an additional charge per head so please contact me for a price.

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